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Automatic Numbering Machine - 6 Wheel (3/16" Numbers) (Black Ink) United
SKU: AN-06 N
Price: $58.50

United Automatic Numbering Machines:
The United Auto Numberer is a very popular stamp for those needing to sequentially number documents. Featuring metal wheels, the Automatic Numbering Stamp give you reliability and durability for years of use.  Using a special Numbering Machine Ink, the auto numbering machine will last for thousands of impressions before needing to be re inked.


  • All-metal stamper
  • 8 different number sequences available: repeat, consecutive, duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate, quintuplicate, sextuplicate, and 12 times.
  • Re-inkable stamp pad
  • Drop ciphers for creating blank spaces
  • Lightweight design
  • Ships with a black ink pad and 2 dry pads.  Black, red and blue refill ink is available here.

United 6 Wheel Automatic Numbering Stamp:
The United 6 Wheel Auto Numberer is our best-selling automatic numbering stamp. Its metal stamper design allows for years of use, and replaceable ink pads will keep all your impressions up to high quality. Utilizing a specially formulated numbering machine ink, your United 6 Wheel Auto Numbering Stamp is the stamp you will keep using for years and years!
  • # of wheels: 6
  • Maximum # of custom lines: 0 (3/16" date only)
  • Ships with a black ink pad and 2 dry pads.  Black, red and blue refill ink is available here. 

NOTE: The United 6 Wheel Automatic Numbering Machine uses a special type of ink.  Using standard self inking stamp ink OR pre inked stamp ink will render the stamp inoperable.  Please use the special Numbering Machine Ink, available in 3 colors, Black, Red, And Blue.

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