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Automatic Numbering Machines

With United Automatic Numberers, you get the ease and convenience of an automatic stamper.  If you need to sequentially number your documents, a United Automatic Numbering Stamp is just what you need.  Made of metal wheels with drop ciphers to create blank spaces, the Auto Numbering Machines come in 6 Wheel, 7 wheel, 8 Wheel, 10 Wheel, and 12 Wheel varieties.

Note: Automatic Numbering Machines require a special ink.  If regular self inking stamp ink OR pre inked stamp ink is used, it will render the stamp inoperable.  We offer the special Numbering Machine Ink, available in Black, Red, And Blue.

Stamps By Type > Custom Numbering Stamps (Numberers) > Automatic Numbering Machines
Automatic Numbering Machine - 6 Wheel (3/16" Numbers) (Black Ink) Automatic Numbering Machine - 6 Wheel (3/16" Numbers) (Black Ink)
SKU: AN-06 N

Price: $58.50

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